28 sept. 2008
you are shadow-boxing

You'll never live the life that I live
I'll never live the life that wakes me in the night
You'll never hear the message I give
You'll say it looks as though I might give up this fight.

But as the scenery grows, I see in different lights
The shades and shadows undulate in my perception
My feelings swell and stretch, I see from greater heights
I realize what I am now too smart to mention - to you.

You'll say you understand, you'll never understand
I'll say I'll never wake up knowing how or why
I don't know what to believe in, you don't know who I am
You'll say I need appeasing when I start to cry
But never is a promise and I'll never need a lie.

Fiona Apple "Never is a Promise" (1998)

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At mar. sept. 30, 08:14:00 p. m., Blogger Patricia Venti 

Este canción la escuché por casualidad e inmediatamente pensé en E., quien escribe novelas al filo de la noche, o sea lucha contra sus fantasmas.

PD.Eres solo la inicial de externo, extremo, estúpido,excelente,etc.

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